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There’s a New CHEF in TOWN!

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of meeting both the new owner and chef at Fat Burgers Sports Bar in Sneads Ferry! I took a random visit on a Wednesday, expecting nothing new, and ended up staying for two hours, talking to owner Taylor Greene about everything from A-Z! His personality and his smile are magnetic and he has such a welcoming energy that really warmed our hearts.  He’s a local realtor who took ownership in April of last year, and I had no idea…did you?!

About the Chef

What he’s most excited about are the unique changes they’ve made to the menu…honing in on house-made ingredients by his young chef, James McEowen. Get this: he was born in England but grew up in Philly. He then went back to his birthplace to attend cooking school at Westminster Kingsway College, where he would stay for 9 years, traveling to France and Greece, improving on his passion, which is taking different cultures and infusing them into his food.  And it shows…as soon as I saw the menu, I knew it was different, but I didn’t understand why until I met Taylor.   He told me they had made the menu much smaller, which meant  fewer items they had mastered: quality  versus quantity.  

Yellowstone Burger

The Yellowstone burger immediately caught my attention. For one, I’m totally obsessed with the show, starring Kevin Costner, a legendary ranch owner who constantly  defends his land from enemies.  Second, the burger’s description: cheddar, bacon, cowboy caviar, onion rings, and house BBQ sauce.   They had me at cowboy caviar.   I took the first bite into it and was blown away by the juicy flavors and the WHOLE cloves of garlic that are used…I’ve never had a burger where whole garlic cloves were inserted into it.   It’s a phenomenal burger and it’s simply one of the BEST I’ve ever had.   I had to meet the chef and Taylor insisted I did as well.   

James is a beaming and humble pillar of friendliness, who is so happy you’re enjoying his food.  They were going to call it the “cowboy burger” but decided to pay homage to the show since Taylor loves it, as do I.  He eagerly started explaining to me how the house made caviar takes two weeks to prepare and uses pickled jalapeños. In addition, they’re also offering daily specials, like chicken fried chicken with mashed potatoes and spaghetti and meatballs.  Make sure you’re following them on Instagram for updates.  James uses a mixture of chuck, brisket, and short rib in his burgers. Still not impressed? He also  makes a house blend using 12-15 different herbs and spices, and he’s excited about it all! 

You’ve gotta go meet this awesome duo! 

Fat Burgers Sports Bar and Grill

1044 NC Highway 210

Sneads Ferry, NC 28460

United States ( order online available ) 

+1 (910) 741-0367



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